Autumn/Winter 13 Trend: PUNK

Even girl next door types are gonna be looking like rebel belle bettys as the fashion world takes one hell of a punk and disorderly twist (case in point Miley Cyrus!).

Think less about twerking and more about tartan, think leather, think rips. Then dig out some safety pins and get grungy with your beauty vibe to stay along the right style lines. Throw on that ol’ faithful leather jacket, (and it really doesn’t matter if it’s been floor trampled or beer stained) add chains ‘n’ fishnets and anarchy is back with an even naughtier streak.

Take inspiration from fiery design goddess Dame Vivienne Westwood…and by fiery we don’t just mean her hair! It’s that effortlessly cool ‘don’t-give-a-damn’ attitude that sums up this trend’s controversial persona. Plus if we could go to ‘SEX’ today, quite frankly we’d be there quicker than you could say “Sid and Nancy”.

Seriously, new season style has been well and truly Punk’d! Here are a few cool ways to rock rebel like it’s hot…



New Era White Flock Check Zip Front Skirt £28, Night Rider Black Cropped Biker Jacket £55, Free Fall Dogtooth Camisole Dress £35.



Misha Tartan Bomber £60.00, Fast Lane Crop £45.00, Marsh Pinafore Dress £55.00.

Words © Francine Heath


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