Label to Love: ISWAI by Caggie Dunlop.

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Headed up by former Made in Chelsea star, Caggie Dunlop, say hello to a label that strips style’s fundamental basis right back to it’s roots – the idea.

ISWAI (It Starts With An Idea) is a label that offers up a refreshing fashion industry glance with interactive briefs, a keen eye for talent spotting and a tasteful avoidance around trend-involved pretenses. Yet, choosing to playfully veer away from spring/summer’s major fashion focuses doesn’t mean that ISWAI’s carefully selected edit is anything less than stylish. In fact, quite the contrary, with an ever-expanding collection filled with unique graphic prints, cool statement slogans and distinctive double denim options.


Denim Shirt £32.00, Tropical Print Dress £38.00, Turquoise Orchid Swimsuit £45.00, Denim Logo Patch Shorts £32.00.

What perhaps initially launched to Caggie’s Made in Chelsea fan base quickly became a go-to brand for interesting designs, bohemian jewels and youthful accessories – all punctuated with ISWAI’s signature spiderweb logo or pretty turquoise colour way. First spotted by style lovers and followers of fashion alike thanks to her tribal-look rings and hand chains teamed with mismatched nails, quirky denim looks paired with ‘Chelsea Girl’ waves and that seriously beautiful orange Zimmerman dress in Cannes, ISWAI appears to be a well-balanced reflection of both Caggie’s own individual sense of style and hand picked ideas from future fashion stars.

With a focus on celebrating forward-thinking females in such a competitive industry, I caught up with Caggie herself to chat about her leap into music and fashion, the idea behind ISWAI and just what it is about denim that she loves so much…

Q: When it comes to fashion, what inspires you? And what inspired you to start up ISWAI?

CAGGIE: What inspires me is just seeing something worn well, whatever that may be. It’s just about the attitude you need to pull something off. ISWAI enables me to keep fashion free and reflective of my character and style.

Q: “Let fashion be a reflection of who you are…”

This quote feels quite open, honest and raw. What pieces in your wardrobe most reflect who you are and why? 

CAGGIE: The new denim that we are just getting in. I always love denim whatever the weather! It’s just very me. Also, the tees. I’m most happy in T-shirt and denim shorts.


Denim Dungarees (Short) £42.00.

Q: You’re often spotted in some awesome denim-on-denim looks! What is it about denim that you love?

CAGGIE: I don’t know really, I have never really seen any no-goes in fashion and so I would just casually wear three pieces of denim without a thought! I think it was just on the show people started to notice it.

Q: Apart from the denim, what item do you rock from ISWAI the most?

CAGGIE: The orchid skirt. I throw it on for a night out and it just instantly transforms you into a babe.

Screen shot 2013-07-03 at 14.18.39

Q: Noted! Speaking of, you’ve gone total beach babe in your new video for the single ‘Neverland’. Do you think there’s a strong link between music and fashion and what goes through your mind when getting ready for gigs?

CAGGIE: Definitely at the moment. It’s nice to bridge the two in whatever way you can and I think they sort of depend on each other today. When it comes to getting ready it’s a combination of comfort and style. I want to be comfy first and foremost, but still cool. It’s important to feel like a star and dress like a star, too!

Q: What does the future hold for ISWAI? Will there be any more briefs?

CAGGIE: Yes, we are working slightly differently at the moment and actually attending shows to spot talent from there. But, I’m sure there will be another brief coming soon. Who knows about the future, I would like it to become a more boutique family run ASOS, but with a bit of an edge. I’m happy with where we are at the moment to be honest and just slowly building our way up.

Q: Finally, who from Made in Chelsea would you love to see in ISWAI?

CAGGIE: Millie!

A big thank you to @Caggie_Dunlop for the interview. Photographs by Clare Pepper.

You can shop ISWAI’s collection here.

Words © Francine Heath
Twitter @francine_lou 


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