Proud to be a Bird

Capturing everything I hope this blog to be about, the Birds Eye View film festival is a celebration of just how great women in the arts and film industry are. Read more about this statement platform for emerging female talent… 


Regardless of gender, the Birds Eye View film festival is an event that simply must be scribbled into every film-lovers calendar. With a fierce determination that more of what we see in movies should stem from a female point-of view, this festival applauds the talent, brilliance and creativity of internationally great women behind the lens. Taking centre stage in some of the hottest London film venues – including the BFI Southbank, ICA and the Prince Charles cinema – March 2013 is set to witness the return of this inspirational and culturally relevant festival with a cool celebration of Arab filmmakers.

Seeking equality, BEV was founded by Rachel Millward as a positive response to the statistics that women make up less than 10% of film directors and less than 15% of screenwriters – meaning around 90% of what we absorb from movies has come from a male eye and a predominantly masculine perspective. With a strong belief that this unbalanced gender structure could be leading us to miss half the picture, Rachel passionately created a unique platform to showcase the very best in new material from emerging and cutting-edge women filmmakers.

Sadly due to budget problems there was a BEV festival-shaped hole in 2012, but this year on March 8th we see the birds kicking things back off in style with an exciting opening International Women’s Day Gala, featuring a special pre-release screening of the Venice Film Festival multi-award winner, WADJDA, alongside an exclusive Q&A session with the director Haifaa Al Mansour – the first female feature director from Saudi Arabia. Following on from this comes a cinematically packed schedule of around 70 great events – including a showcase of international feature film previews, documentaries, silent flicks, 30 shorts and a wider retrospective celebrating women in a particular genre.

Not sure what to head to? Note the innovative and directional events; Sounds & Silents (specially commissioned musical scores from new and diverse female musicians,) Fashion Loves Film (celebrating the connection with both artists and fashion industry professionals) and Music Loves Video (the best developments in new digital work – including mobile phone filmmaking and mediascapes.) Rounding things up with a festival party that has previously featured live performances from the likes of Florence and the Machine, this is not to be missed!

To find out more about this truly inspirational festival or to buy tickets visit

Words © Francine Heath

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